Cream for sensitive skin prone to diffuse redness and/or visible surface microcapillaries. Its soothing and decongestant action helps to minimize skin irritation and redness.

Mesoestetic Couperend Maintenance Cream active ingredients:

  • Centella Asiatica – Helping to boost antioxidant activity, strengthening the skin and increasing blood circulation,
  • Sweet Clover Extract – Providing anti-inflammatory properties to the skin.
  • Troxerutin – Improves skins tone and reduces redness.
  • Cranberry Extract – Protects capillaries.
  • Hesperidin – Helps fight spider veins and varicose veins by maintaining healthy blood circulation.
  • Beta-glucan – Helps hydrate the skin, reduce wrinkles and strengthen the skin.


Couperend maintenance cream

  • Morning and night

    Apply twice a day, morning and night, following cleansing and toning of the bust area, neck and face using a gentle massage until completely absorbed. In the morning, complement the treatment by applying dermatological sun protection.

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